Sunday, March 11, 2012


Mom and dad came out for dinner today.  We were in for a surprise!  Mom decided she was not going to perm her hair that was going to fall out anyday, and it was becoming quite unmanagable. all came off.  And I must say, she looked good to us!  The little kids were quite excited by the whole thing (aka Ethan). We also had a little show and tell.  So as not to leave you out, I took pictures.  There is a picture of the port.  She has 2 incision sites.  One you see really well in the picture, the other is higher at the base of her neck.  Not very noticable.  I was there, and didn't see it until the nurse pointed it out! And the big one is covered by her shirt.  It is right under the skin, so the nurse can feel where to put the needle in!  Pretty slick!  Tomorrow she goes in for the nader test,(white blood count), and we are pretty darn optimistic the count will be good!  Tuesday we are going to a class on wigs and scarves.  Two non hair people learning...hmm.  Wish us luck!

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  1. grandma looks so good with or without hair. shes such a tough woman its so good to know so far the worst -to us- is that she had some aches and pains from her shot. We love you grandma