Friday, April 13, 2012

No News

Sorry, I was really busy at work today and totally forgot to update!
Anyway, we don't have any new news at this point.  Mom was a bit disgruntled with the dr. you could say.  She asked to talk to him, but he never quite made it.  SO, you know mom, she went right down to the office on her way out, and made an appointment for Monday afternoon.
We did chemo yesterday.  Boy, they did it FAST! She didn't start til almost 11:15am and she was done shortly after 3. WEnt back today for the shot, dropped her off at home, and dad was bringing home a pizza for dinner!
Hmm...wish I had my own dinner plans worked out.  Oh well.  Bowl of cereal!
Anyway, I'll try to update Monday night!
Lots of love

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